Partnership For Solutions

Emergent Waste Solutions realizes that not every waste producer wants to or has the capacity to operate an innovative technology to deal with their waste. By partnering with Emergent Waste Solutions, every company or organization can focus on their core competency, mitigating the risk for partners and ensuring success for both.

EWS will be responsible for hiring and training of staff, operating and maintenance of plants and marketing by-products.

    Emergent Waste Solutions currently has 5 different models of the APS technology:


  • The smallest model that is economically viable. This model will be able to convert around 500kg of waste an hour.
  • APS500-MA

  • A mobile waste conversion system. This model is the APS500, built on a trailer, comparable in size to a large sea container.
  • APS1000

  • The smaller midrange model, capable of converting 1000kg an hour.
  • APS2000

  • The large midrange model, taking full advantage of economies of scale. Larger systems can be made up of several modules. This system is able to convert 2000kg waste an hour.
  • APS4000

  • The largest model, specifically developed to deal with Municipal Solid Waste capable of processing 4000kg an hour.

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