Technology Partners

Emergent Waste Solutions is committed to continuously improve the solutions we bring to the market. We are looking to partner with technology leaders in the field of process engineering, pyrolysis technology as well as with companies that can improve the use and scope of the APS technology.

Emergent Waste Solutions is also committed to collaborating in research programs and with research institutions to further the application of the APS technology, as well as furthering the applications for pyrolysis oils.

Emergent Waste Solutions currently collaborates with the following companies and organizations:


Since early 2012 Emergent Waste Solutions is working closely together with Nick Masucci from ABB Inc. ABB is an electrical engineering services, and automation multinational and a global leader in power and automation technologies.

ABB supports Emergent Waste Solution in the area of technology design and automated DCS systems, including all controls, drives, electrical support products for control panels.

Denwalt Consulting

Since mid-2012 Emergent Waste Solutions is partnering with Denwalt Consulting. Denwalt Consulting is a US engineering solutions consultancy specializing in pyrolysis technology implementation. They bring their experience in setting up an operational pyrolysis plant in North America ensuring that the operation will meet and exceed the local requirements for system efficiency and safety.

BioWaste to Energy for Canada: An Integration Initiative

Solutions is pleased to announce that it is now a member of the BioWaste to Energy for Canada: An Integration Initiative (BECii) Clean Energy Center, located in Vegreville Alberta. BECii is an industry-led, industry-oriented not-for-profit entity that advances renewable energy technologies to a market-ready state. The Clean Energy Center is a waste-to-energy cluster that will enhance and deliver technologies to market efficiently and effectively through a collaborative model, and provide the greatest economic and environmental benefits.