Emergent Waste Solutions' management team maximizes the individual strengths of the founders that coincide with the core business capabilities of the company.

Kevin Hull, CEO, Director


Kevin is a sales and marketing expert with extensive experience in sales roles in many different industries. His most recent experience is as Investor Relations manager for a group of junior mining companies where he worked on improving the image of the company through a targeted marketing campaign, and managing trade shows, as well as raising funds for exploration.

Previously, Kevin founded a marketing consultant company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada focusing on aiding companies with marketing strategy & materials. He now builds and manages sales relationships in the green industrial technology sector while overseeing operations at all levels of production.

Robbert Visscher, CFO, Director


Robbert has broad international experience in financial management and business planning in Canadian and European organizations. Most recently, he was CFO for a not-for-profit organization in the sustainability sector, developing business plans and strategies for start-up companies in the cleantech sector. Before that, he was controller and acting CFO for nine public mining exploration companies, with a capitalization of around $60M. In Europe, he was a business consultant, focusing on company turn-around strategies and business plan development.

Robbert has an exceptional academic background. He completed his CMA in Vancouver, and an MBA from Hague University in The Netherlands. He also has a Master of Science & Engineering from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Serge Borys, CTO, Director


Serge has diverse business management experience, at executive and board level, in both Canada and China, in several industries. He has spearheaded large real estate developments, and was also previously the principal of an import/export company. He has extensive experience in providing consulting services relating to corporate governance to public companies involved with the SEC.

Currently, Serge oversees the technical team at our largest facility as well as contributing to executive and regulatory operations. Serge obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia and his law degree from the University of Alberta.

Dudley Delapenha, VP Marketing & Sales

Dudley is recognized as a leader in the marketing field. After reaching the position as a Divisional General Manager for the largest brewing and bottling operation in the Caribbean, he became the Regional Manager for Franchises for all of Western Canada in a major distribution company. He then ran the operations for an international production and distribution company, before becoming a Marketing Director.

His vast experience in facility operations, as well as large-scale marketing strategies, has secured the operations and expansion of all current major company projects. Dudley is a graduate of the Field Sales Management Institute of New York as well as the Graduate School of Sales Management and Marketing, Syracuse University, New York, USA.

Peter Khean


Peter’s extensive business knowledge at every level of production, operations, and distribution has made him invaluable as an officer & director of more than ten successful both private and publicly listed companies across North America.

Peter now manages international companies with the sole purpose of developing, financing, manufacturing, and marketing state of the art technologies. Peter is a graduate of the University of Melbourne, Australia as well as a certified general accountant (CGA – Canada).