Forestry Solutions

In Canada the forest industry is one of the leading manufacturing sectors and the largest net exporter. It is the cornerstone of the economy and a major component of the industrial structure and employment base of all regions of the country. The forest industry accounted for about $23.7 billion in Canada’s economy in 2011, or about 1.9% of the total gross domestic product.


With forestry as one of the major industries in Canada, a lot of wood waste is generated in the process. On top of that, the forest industry has faced some major setbacks in recent years. The young and dense pine forests of Canada have suffered extreme insect outbreaks, leading to large amounts of waste wood on the land that are a fire hazard. In BC 80% of the pine forests have been affected. The economic value of the wood is too low for traditional industry uses and burning it on the land is not a solution, also because the pollution from doing this is considered unacceptable.


The forestry industry is currently looking at solutions using the wood waste to produce energy and chemicals. Pyrolysis is seen as one of the best technologies to provide these products from the wood waste. The APS technology will be able to derive several high quality by-products out of the wood waste:

  • • Bio oil: ~15% - depending on the flash point
  • • Activated Carbon: ~45%
  • • Syngas: 15-18% - much of which is used to power the APS system