Waste is a big and growing issue in modern society. In 2012 the World Bank reviewed the solid waste management globally, What a Waste: A Global Review of Solid Waste Management. It concludes that the increase in urban population doubled the solid waste in the world in the last 10 years and is set for a near doubling in the next 10. That is an enormous cost on society, cost to deal with the waste, loss of natural resources, but also an ever increasing source of greenhouse gases.

Although there is recycling of glass, metal and other products, in North America by far most of the waste is land filled and consists for the most part of organic waste. Thousands of landfills exist internationally and given the projected increase this will grow ever faster.

The present reality is that landfills are the way Canada and North America deals with its waste. However, this cannot be the answer to the disposal of Waste that society is facing. The social costs cannot be understated and the damage to public health and to the environment is of paramount concern to all. Landfills are an expensive long-term source of maintenance and operational headaches and are difficult and costly to develop and maintain.

Waste is not only costly, modern society needs the resources it throws away as garbage. Emergent Waste Solutions believes that waste is not a source of cost, but a source of potential revenue. This is already the case for recyclable waste, like glass and metals. However, a solution is needed for the majority of our waste, organic waste.