About Us

Emergent Waste Solutions Inc.

Emergent Waste Solutions is committed to providing an innovative and practical solution to communities and organizations across Canada dealing with waste issues. The company was incorporated in March 2011 in British Columbia, Canada and we are committed to a more sustainable future by creating a paradigm shift in the way society deals with its waste.

History of the Company

Emergent Waste Solutions was incorporated in 2011 and was granted exclusive license for the Advance Pyrolysis technology, a technology that has already proven itself outside of North America. The Company focused on building its industry contacts not least to identify the best way to approach the market as well as potential investors. By the end of 2011 the Company received Eligible Business Corporation status, providing BC investors with a tax credit opportunity. Vital technology partnerships were also created, not least with ABB Inc. an engineering multinational.

Meanwhile the company has been moving towards getting several projects from the drawing board to actual implementation in just 2 years of operation.

What We Offer

The company’s mission is to provide Canadian communities and organizations an opportunity to capitalize on organic waste by providing a turnkey business solution using the unique APS technology. Emergent Waste Solutions does that by partnering with organizations that have a waste problem, providing operational support, taking away the risk of running a high-tech operation from companies and organizations, ensuring that they can keep focusing on their core business. This will create a win-win situation for all stakeholders.